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Chanute, Kansas

Yesterday was a mini-adventure day, the first order of the day being a shower. Turns out, the swimming pool in the Meade City Park doesn’t open on Thursdays until 12:30, but given the heat and apparent absence of alternatives in town, I waited. With a high of 89 the previous day, it was time. When I went over, I found A] that their shower is a cold-water rinse-off shower, and B] it is currently inoperative. Non-optimal! Fortunately, the lady behind the counter running a small herd of teenage girls there to “assist” (hang out) suggested the Meade Truck stop at the other end of town, which panned out just fine. At $8 and change, it is not a deluxe shower, but did just fine. Being built for use by semis, the station also had a real air pump, (as opposed to coin-operated air vend pumps which top out at car tire pressures).

By two o’clock, I began the day’s 280-mile, five-hour drive, which is longer than the usual. That varied from utter flatness to rolling hills, a crosswind dropping fuel mileage to 14.8 from the previous day’s 16.5. The Ford’s 6.4L Navistar diesel of that vintage has a penchant for gradually increasing overall fuel mileage the second day into a long, high-speed run, and holding the better figures for a couple of days no matter what the driving conditions are. Once returned to urban or suburban areas for awhile, fuel mileage eventually eases back down to “normal” levels. Odd. It is apparently happiest at full gallop, which might be related to its elaborate emissions system.

The only oddity of the trip was near the end, as I was being followed by a Read more…


Chanute, Kansas

Wind generator blades in transit.

Wind generator blades in transit.

Today was a full day, if you consider a 5-hour drive a full day. Along the way, three trucks with wind generator blades brought everything to a full stop while they turned onto the highway ahead of me. What a project! Folks jumped out of lead vehicles to hold up stop signs, and the turning radius of those trucks is not so good on an ordinary broad intersection.

I wasn’t personally held up following them, however, since I got a cellphone call about Read more…

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